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      Retailers - Digitize all Payment Cards

      ????????????Discover a turnkey solution for retailers to ..?.

      • digitize all payment cards, 
      • reach all your shoppers, 
      • via all their devices.


      Consumer demand for digital payments is increasing and so the number of retailers, launching their mobile or multi-channel payment solution, creating an Host Card Emulation (HCE) wallet.

      Mobile, Shop, Loyalty & Pay: the benefits of Gemalto offer for Retailers

      Digitize all payment cards, digitalize your ?store payment cards:

      • Reach. All devices can be reached via NFC and QR code technologies. But even better, Gemalto has the only solution enabling you to reach all payment cards in the market
      • Loyalty. Convenience makes customers loyal. To increase convenience and remove any barriers, we integrate loyalty and payment in one
      • Added value. Gemalto integrates payments in your existing application, rising its customer value. Thanks to the convenience digital brings, your brand image and customer satisfaction will be boosted
      • Easy integration. Just one connection gives you access to all payment cards, including international schemes, domestic schemes and even your own branded cards
      • Security. Thanks to tokenization, we secure sensitive consumer data. Gemalto is not only certified partner of Visa and MasterCard, but we also provide tokenization services for domestic schemes and private label cards

      Gemalto makes mobile payment possibe for Carrefour’s customers


      ?How to digitize a payment card via the retailer wallet and use it?

      • Let your customers digitize their payment and loyalty cards to benefit from digital convenience
      • Validation of card credentials and acceptance of T&C is all what is needed for instant card digitization
      • With a simple tap on the POS, or by scanning the generated QR code, the customer pays and validates his loyalty points
      • Manage your own UI and customer journey
      • Benefit from simplified enrolment and biometric authentication

      Digitizing payment cards: easy as 1-2-3

      • The best end user reach -reach- no matter what issuer, device or operating system
      • A cloud solution for minimal complexity and scalability
      • Excellent operations, experience and consultancy on your projects
      • Compliant with international and domestic schemes?